The adventures of ‘Valeria’ continue with a second season that was confirmed a while ago and that now begins filming. The fiction produced by Plano a Plano is an adaptation of the homonymous novels by Elísabet Benavent, who now becomes executive producer of the new batch of chapters.

The protagonists of ‘Valeria’

« Valeria will always be my most special project. I’m looking forward to seeing and being a part of how this second season plays out« , confirms Benavent. The cast will continue to be led by Diana Gómez (Valeria), her friends Silma López (Lola), Teresa Riott (Nerea) and Paula Malia (Carmen), and the boys Maxi Iglesias (Víctor) and Ibrahim Al Shami (Adrián ).

The main plot of the season

The second season will start with the dilemma that Valeria faces at the end of the first. The protagonist must face a decision that could mark her future as a writer: hide behind a pseudonym and finally live off his profession or give up the publication of his novel and continue squeezing the inexhaustible world of junk contracts.

But he will not be alone in that, because all this happens while his love life continues to falter. Fortunately, although the foundations of her life are anything but stable, Valeria continues to count on the support of three fundamental pillars: her incredible and crazy friends Lola, Carmen and Nerea, who will also go through crucial moments in their lives