Valentina Shevchenko believes that trilogy with Amanda Nunes is inevitable: “I feel like it’s going to happen”

Champion Valentina Shevchenko is sure that in due course, the trilogy with Amanda nunes it will have to happen. But now, there is no rush to finalize the fight. Valentina he continues to dominate the flyweight division, and the fight makes sense.

Shevchenko He looks unstoppable after every fight in the Octagon. However, it is known that the bantamweight and featherweight champion of the UFC, Amanda Nunes, is his Achilles Heel, which is respectable, considering that Nunes It is one of the best of all time.

Although he failed to beat Nunes, “Bullet” believes that the trilogy will always happen when both continue to dominate.

“I just feel like it’s going to happen. Without putting all this pressure on someone. Ok, let’s do it now. It’s like everything is fine at a good time. That’s why it’s going to happen, I know for sure ”, He said Valentina in interview with MMA Fighting.
“Probably when the time is perfect for the fight. It will happen. It’s like I can’t force someone like Ok, let’s fight. If someone does not want to fight, have this fight, nobody can force anyone “added Shevchenko.
“Because I feel like I’m not rushing or doing a lot of these things, I just feel like it’s going to happen without additional energy. Because, as I say every time, if we continue successfully in our own weight divisions, it will be the only fight that makes sense. “ concluded.

Currently, Nunes was the only one who won Valentina shevchenko in step by UFC. In the first fight between the two, many agreed that Nunes won the fight.

In the rematch at UFC 215, the decision was very close, and Nunes got the rematch by split decision. In the opinion of many fans and experts, Valentina victory was stolen. Shevchenko, currently has a record of 10-2 and is the current flyweight champion of UFC.