Valencianism, on the warpath against Peter Lim

05/04/2021 at 8:50 PM CEST

Adrià Corominas

In Valencia they can’t take it anymore. The dismissal of Javi grace as coach of the ‘ché’ club after the defeat against Barcelona has been just another chapter of what they consider an unacceptable management of a club of the Valencia CF entity, which is only 6 points away from relegation and has only achieved 3 of the last 18 points in play.

Demonstration on May 8

With spirits fired by the situation they are experiencing, Valencianism is organizing to go out en masse next Saturday, May 8, to demonstrate against the management of Peter lim at the head of the club and thus defend “the common feeling & rdquor; of his followers.

The unconcern of the top leader regarding the sports situation of the team and the disaffection of the employer of Singapore, with their null relationship with the fans, they have generated a climate of union between the different groups of fans that had not been seen for a long time. And it is that according to the organizers, the expectations are that they apply in this concentration over two thousand people.

A date with history

As if it were a final. This is how the promoters of a “demonstration for the freedom of Valencia CF& rdquor; that it has to serve so that “the world knows that we are fed up. We have a date with history & rdquor ;. In the march, likewise, the German model of the “50 + 1 & rdquor; whereby the Bundesliga offers club members a simple majority of voting rights.

And all this without neglecting the pandemic and the current context, since from the organization of the march it is recalled that those present must ensure “compliance with all the sanitary measures& rdquor; and the use of “masks”.