Valencia condemns racism through a statement

04/04/2021 at 7:51 PM CEST

The incident that occurred at Carranza during the first minutes of Cรกdiz-Valencia will surely have consequences. And it is that, once again, the scourge of racism returned to plan on the playing fields.

Everything happened after an action between Diakhaby and Creek in which the Valencian player, allegedly received some kind of racist insult, for which he chose to leave the party, followed by his teammates. The che team returned to the green after passing through the changing rooms in which the different options were valued. A meeting to which the protagonist of the action did not rejoin, Diakhaby.

Despite the decision to continue, Valencia wanted to make their position clear on the matter that led to the incident. “The team has met and decides to return to fight for the shield but firm in condemning racism in all of Valencia in all its forms. No racism,” he stated in a statement through his social networks, making it clear what it was. the cause that triggered the situation.

A few minutes later the Valencian club published a new message in which it explained that it had been their own Diakhaby the one who has asked his teammates to return to the field of play.