Valencia CF: Giorgi Mamardashvili turns Valencia’s goalkeeper upside down

The first signing of Valencia in the Bordals era was the Georgian goalkeeper,Giorgi Mamardashvili An option that was considered for the future, but that has given a knock on the table right after debut The boy played his first minutes against the Greek Atromitos in the Sports City and his performance was more than outstanding with two great stops in flight that they showed off.

Also, in training he is showing a higher level and seems an outrage to send him to play for the subsidiary, that the club sent to the third division RFEF or what is the same, the fifth category of Spanish football.

The fact is that the irruption of Georgian turns the established order upside down. Bordals has four goalkeepers on payroll and obviously you don’t need that many. The club wants to sell to Cillessen, by the cut that supposes to maintain the Dutch, but the offers do not arrive. Jaume He was called to be the second goalkeeper, but if the interest of any team comes, they will be asked to leave. The third in contention was Rivero, the boy from the subsidiary with great qualities, but who is not there to play in ‘fifth’ either and has the option of leaving on loan.

Cillesen and Jaume, injured

In addition, it so happens that the Two goalkeepers who were originally called to be the important players in the team, Cillessen and Jaume, are muscularly injured, So at the beginning of the preseason they will appear less frequently, a situation that Rivero and Mamardashvili can take advantage of in each training session or game.

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