As stated in the note from the organization:

We do not like to give this type of news but these days it does not surprise us that we have to cancel or postpone the events originally planned for the coming weeks. In this case we officially announce that the Valar Metal Fest that was planned for next Saturday, April 18 has to be postponed (or suspended this year’s edition, if we want to express it this way).

The reasons are of course those that we all know, and that is that in the midst of this health alert, and the state of alarm in which the country is at least until the end of April, the events planned for the next dates. The good news is that it will be held just a year later, on Saturday April 17, 2021, and with the same bands: LEIZE, NATRIBU, LEFT4EVER and DELION.

The first idea was to postpone it for the second half of the year, but there is still some uncertainty about it so we prefer not to hold our fingers and wait directly for a full year to celebrate.

Below the image we have the official statement about it and the information that we send you without any restrictions or hot cloths about it:

As you well know we are fond of throwing something away, after the work that we had for this festival, but for now it will be impossible to carry it out. You all know the reason for the SUSPENSION, since thanks to the companies that participate in it (Virus Entertainment SL, A New Label, Redhardnheavy, La Agencia Music, MPR Producktions & Management, Intertour Music Agency and the Urban Rock Concept room) and the great bands that complete it (LEIZE, NATRIBU, LEFT4EVERBAND and DELION), we will transfer it a year in time and thus make it easier for this damn epidemic / pandemic to pass.

Well, without further ado, we announce that the Valar Metal Fest will be held on April 17, 2021 with the same bands confirmed for this year, the same prices and much more desire if possible, so we will be waiting for you in Vitoria in a year and a couple of weeks!

Tickets already purchased will be fully valid. BIPBIPTicket tickets are already on sale for those who want to support us now and in the coming days they will be on sale on the other digital platforms with which we usually work. For now there are only digital tickets, which physical ones will go on sale when all this debacle passes.