Vadhir revealed the impact that being the son of Eugenio Derbez has had on his career – Las Noticias de Chihuahua – Entrelíneas

Vadhir Derbez broke the silence on how his father’s fame has impacted his artistic career and, unlike what his sister Aislinn Derbez and his half-brother José Eduardo have expressed, the 30-year-old actor recognized the benefits of the career of the funny.

During an interview with the journalist Linet Puente, the actor acknowledged that although his quest to build a career independent of his surname and go after the triumph in Hollywood is important, he believes that his father’s trajectory has been something positive in his career in the artistic environment.

“I think it depends on who you ask. I agree that, and something that I have also made peace with that, I do want to have an independent path and all that and it is good that, finally, I want the job done to be recognized “, the Exorcism actor began in the seventh day.

“But it’s not like I’m going to stop being my dad’s son, whoever he is. So, my dad is a very ‘chambeadora’ person who the truth is that he is breaking it in everything he does, so it is difficult to generate a shadow, which in the end falls to all of us, but he is also a father, he is a positive shadow ”, he concluded.

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