Vadhir Derbez suffers a spectacular accident with Martha Higareda

Vadhir Derbez suffers a spectacular accident with Martha Higareda (Reform)

Vadhir Derbez suffers a spectacular accident with Martha Higareda | Reform

The famous Mexican actor Vadhir derbez She told how her fall in the snow was, after dangerously skiing on a slope with actress Martha Higareda, who is one of her sister Aislinn Derbez’s best friends.

Vadhir Derbez recently suffered a accident while he was skiing, as part of the celebrations for his 30th birthday.

Due to the health contingency, people tend to spend more time on social networks to stay close to their friends and family, but also to the celebrities they follow through them, and vice versa.

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That was how it became known that the singer had also suffered an accident while enjoying a day of skiing on the snow, as he hit the actor’s face hard during one of the descents he made.

Through social networks the actor He decided to share with his thousands of followers about his spectacular accident in the snow around the mountains, a place where the entire Derbez family had also attended, who took the day off to have fun.

Derbez decided to share the details through his official Instagram account, where he described in his stories that part of his forehead and nose had been injured in the heavy fall.

The ski crossed me, the stupidest thing, and I went nose, I could not even put my hands “, said the singer.

It is worth mentioning that Vadhir explained that during his skiing in difficult areas, he managed to save himself, however, when he managed to reach an easier terrain, he became confident and lost his balance, which resulted in a great stumble.

Meanwhile, his sister Aislinn shared some videos of the celebrant who recounted how his accident had happened, since after some dangerous slopes that he had overcome without difficulty, he tripped on one of the skis in a flat area, where he apparently took off his helmet .

I had just dropped a double black diamond, super difficult, I came out perfect. In a flat part the ski crossed me. The stupidest thing. I went on my nose and I couldn’t even put my hands in it, ”said Eugenio Derbez’s son.

Fortunately, Eugenio Derbez’s son is well, since Aislinn and the other companions immediately helped him and even later the brothers laughed at the bad experience, because as many know they have an excellent sense of humor.

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So far it is not known if there will be a large scar on Derbez’s face, but it is expected that he will recover soon and above all keep his followers informed, who were quite concerned about what had happened.

On the other hand, for a few weeks we have been able to see that Martha Higadera and Aislinn Derbez have shared some moments together, and this time it was no exception, since this time they decided to go for a walk in the snow with Vadhir.

In fact, in the recordings you can see that Higadera was not fully prepared, since she did not have the pants that are needed to be able to do this sport, that is why she made the decision to borrow some that belonged to Vadhir.

As you may recall, on February 14 Aislinn shared some photographs next to Martha Higadera, in which both appeared in a bathing suit and posing s3nsually in front of the camera, even both played with which they were her “Valentine”, to clarify those gossip about possibly meeting a couple, because at the moment both actresses are each enjoying their singleness.