‘Vacunagates’ around the world: former presidents and secretaries are secretly vaccinated against COVID-19

With the start of the vaccination process against COVID-19 in Mexico, cases were reported of hospital managers or medical personnel who are not in the first line of care of the pandemic who ‘skipped the line’ to receive the dose against the new coronavirus.

But this situation has not been exclusive to our country: around the world there have been known complaints against officials, politicians or journalists who have taken advantage of their ‘levers’ to be vaccinated ahead of time.

We present you some cases of ‘Vacunagates’ in other nations:

Gines González GarcíaGines González García | AP

Alberto Fernández, Argentine president, fired his Minister of Health in an attempt to calm things down after it was revealed that allies to the Government received preferential access to vaccines against the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Ginés González García was forced to leave his post after journalist Horacio Verbitsky told a radio station that he had received a vaccination at the Ministry of Health after a personal request to the minister.

This information was later followed by Clarín, who pointed out that other government allies had also received vaccines earlier than expected.

Facebook Martín Vizcarra

Martín Vizcarra, who was ousted as Peruvian president in November, confirmed that he and his wife received a dose of the COVID vaccine from the Chinese pharmaceutical company Sinopharm.

The now former Minister of Health of Peru, Pilar Mazzeti, assured in an appearance before Parliament that she was unaware that Vizcarra or his wife were part of the 12 thousand volunteers who presented themselves for the phase 3 trial of the dose.

The former official, who was also secretly inoculated, earlier this month promised health workers that she would get vaccinated when all of them were.

The Peruvian Government sent the prosecutor’s office of that country a list with the names of 487 people suspected of being inoculated prematurely, which includes Elizabeth Astete, who was the chancellor.

The former official admitted to having been secretly vaccinated, justifying that “She couldn’t afford to fall ill.”

Taken from Twitter @Defensagob

The Chief of the General Staff, General Miguel Ángel Villarroya, resigned in January after he and other top officials violated established protocols and received the coronavirus vaccine before their shift.

The news was released by the El Confidencial Digital portal, which reported that Villarroya and other senior officers in the armed forces had recently received the first dose of the vaccine against the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

In Spain, high-ranking government officials and others have not received preferential access to the vaccine, unlike other European countries where they were among the first to be vaccinated, claiming that it was necessary to encourage citizens and lead by example.


Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy was vaccinated against the new coronavirus, said a source close to the former leader.

The person, who asked not to be identified, said Sarkozy received the dose under medical prescriptionreported Radio France International.

In France, the COVID-19 injection is currently only given to people over 75 years of age or older, although members of the healthcare staff and people in so-called ‘risk groups’, that is, suffering from medical conditions. Sarkozy is 66 years old.

The medical conditions that currently qualify those under the age of 75 to receive the vaccine are only the most serious, including patients with cancer or who received a transplant.

Sarkozy faces charges of corruption and influence peddling in France for which the prosecution of that country requests a sentence of two years in prison and another two exempted from compliance.

With information from AP and Bloomberg