vaccines of “air” to the elderly in Brazil

While in Argentina there is a stage of resignation by the Minister of Health Ginés Gonzáles García for the vaccinated VIP, Brazil is going through another scandal that caused outrage in the population over the coronavirus vaccination.

False vaccination

Brazilian citizens began to be outraged after several videos began to circulate on social networks, in which it can be observed how three elderly people in different regions were vaccinated but syringes were empty or the syringe was never depressed so that the plunger entered the body.

The videos were replicated by the . network. In the images you can see the precise moment where the nurses they insert the needles into the patients, but do not inject the dose against Covid-19.


After showing the videos, . commented that the nursing techniques involved in this case were separated from their position and one of them declared that it was not intentional.

Coronavirus vaccine and global alerts

For its part, the Rio de Janeiro Civil Police issued a statement stating that « if the investigations confirm that there was a deviation of doses, or any other irregularity, the health professional may be accused of the crime of embezzlement (embezzlement), which has penalties that can reach up to 12 years in prison ”.

One of the videos revealed was in the city of Petrópolis, in the mountainous region of Rio de Janeiro. The responsible nurse seen in the images, assured that the failure was unintentional and stressed that she did not perceive the problem at the time of inoculation, but was suspended while the facts are investigated, as confirmed by the Petrópolis Health Secretariat.

Faced with the cases that traveled through social networks, the Secretary of Health of Petrópolis, Aloisio Barbosa da Silva explained in . that « Brazil has a great team of nurses. An isolated event cannot compromise a service that follows the protocols of the Ministry of Health. The important thing is to take the vaccine ”.

Despite the fact that the vaccination cases registered so far are isolated, reports of vaccination fraud have increased mistrust on the part of citizens and encouraged the spread of false news.

Official fake coronavirus vaccine

Days ago a video had been released in which a Brazilian health sector official, that was vaccinated but the syringe is empty.