Vaccine, Profits, and economic recovery, axes of the speech of March 1

The details of what will be Alberto Fernández’s second speech at the opening of ordinary sessions of Congress will be kept until the last minute in full secrecy, but thes official decisions to include the Earnings project in extraordinary, envisions a need for the Government to improve the purchasing power of workers in an election year.

The Executive Branch published today in the Official Gazette Decree 106/21 that expands the agenda of the extraordinary sessions incorporating the project of the Frente de Todos block, created by deputy Sergio Massa, to raise the minimum non-taxable income tax to 150,000 pesos.

The initiative led by the ruling party will become one of the battlehorses of the second year of managementThat is why it will be strongly highlighted by the President in the March 1st speech. Parliamentary sources told this medium that the objective is that “there is an opinion and vote in the venue as soon as possible ”so that“ from 1/3 onwards it is approved”.

The president of the Chamber of Deputies affirmed today that « all consensus will be sought with the unions, Afip, the Ministry of Economy and the opposition in order to achieve the reduction of the Income Tax in the coming days. » The legislator highlighted that « the debate should be hurried because there are more than a million Argentines waiting for the tax relief that the measure represents. « 

The same legislative sources announced that first the informative meetings will start within the framework of the Budget and Finance committee chaired by Carlos Heller, with the participation of the main officials of Alberto Fernández’s economic team.

For the Frente de Todos, this legislative year tAll those who entered the extraordinary sessions will endorse “as probable” topics. For now, judicial reform is ruled out, they assured from the ruling party. The possible change of date of the PASO for now remains in the hands of the Executive Power. « It is not a decision of Congress, » they clarified from the legislative palace. However, any modification of the electoral calendar must go through parliamentary approval.

One of the government’s economic priorities is the negotiation of the foreign debt, for which the sanction of a law to strengthen debt sustainability, that was included in extraordinary and has half sanction in the Senate. The ruling party at the same time seeks to close the agreement with the International Monetary Fund.

Another point is that the acAgreement of the Fiscal Consensus 2021 that the Government signed with all the provincess, except with the head of the Buenos Aires government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta. It already has an opinion and must be dealt with by the Senate. It is a key project with a view to the recovery of the economy. They estimate that with the new pact the provinces will be able to collect more than $ 70,000 million in the year.

The presidential message will have special emphasis on the economic situation to improve prices and wages. « The recovery of the economy and the vaccine will be part of the agenda « , they affirmed in Balcarce 50.

The most important thing for the second year of management is that “the ongoing economic recovery process is consolidated with job creation « , highlighted the same government sources. To this end, the Government holds meetings with all economic, political and social sectors. Tomorrow the President will announce the creation of the Economic and Social Council, which will be chaired by the Secretary for Strategic Affairs, Gustavo Béliz.

Mass vaccination of the population is emerging as one of the 2021 strategies for the effects it may have on the electorate. The Minister of Health, Ginés González García, predicted that by August a good part of the Argentines would be vaccinated.