vaccination for the teams of the Valencian Community

Representatives of the clubs of the Community with Ximo Puig

It was one of the requests of the clubs to Ximo Puig in the meeting they held with the Generalitat a few days ago. Valencia CF, Levante UD, Villarreal CF, Elche CF and Valencia Basket will have single-dose Janssen at their disposal to immunize their squads.

The professional teams of the Region have been playing since this Thursday. Without going any further, the Levante UD squad has received the doses this afternoon and the players have been called progressively to go to the Ciutat, where they have been vaccinated.

It is expected that, in the same way, the rest of the clubs cite their squads to administer the doses. The process has been streamlined with the rise in cases in the Community and the agreement is part of the immunization campaign for adults between 20 and 40 years old that Valencian healthcare now faces.

Task Force and Reason for Janssen Vaccination

In this meeting between clubs and Ximo Puig, a working group was created to study the issue of vaccination, as well as other topics of interest such as capacity on soccer fields and, in the case of Valencia Basket. of the La Fonteta pavilion. The matter was of vital importance for the creation of the subscription campaigns.

By then it was agreed that vaccination would be unlocked in clubs, although the recommendation was not to ‘click’ with Janssen because it is not the most optimal vaccine for the age group of players par excellence. However, it has been considered that since it is a single dose and has an absolute immunity effect in 14 days she was the best to face the start of the championship without worry. With Pfizer and Moderna, 28 and 42 days are required from the first dose, respectively. Of course, the immunization provided by these two is somewhat higher (around 94%).

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