Vaccinated death covid-19

In Baja California Sur, there are 18 people who have died of covid-19, which had already been vaccinated with one or two doses, this was confirmed by the Secretary of Health in the entity Victor George Flores.

As Baja California Sur is in the stage of the highest incidence of infections by the new coronavirus, citizens, even those who have already been immunized against this disease, must reinforce the application of essential prevention measures because a total immunization is not guaranteed .

The Secretary of Health, George Flores, announced that 4 people died despite having the complete two-dose scheme, while there are 14 deaths of people vaccinated with 1 dose. Of the total of the 18 deceased, more than 50% of them were older than 60 years.

On the other hand, the official said that the deceased had been immunized with vaccines from different laboratories; that is, there is no specific laboratory to which the deaths can be attributed.

So far, 5 deaths have been detected by Pfizer, 4 AstraZeneca, 2 Sinovac and 2 Cansino.

Until this week, Baja California Sur has vaccinated 39% of the population, hence the importance of everyone continuing to wear face masks to protect themselves and to avoid the transmission of the virus to people who have not yet been immunized, he concluded.

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