vacation mode is in beta

One of the most anticipated developments in WhatsApp is the arrival of vacation mode. This option will allow you to silence chats forever, so that, although the archives, they will be sent hidden in the archived list even if they have new messages.

Filtered several times, and with the occasional appearance in the beta of the application, it seems that this time it has come to stay, tol less in the test version WhatsApp for Android.

The functionality is now fully operational in the beta version of the Android application. And as has been explained, it allows a chat to be silenced, archived and that never go back to the chat list againeven if you receive new messages.

At the moment, its operation is far from the version previously known as read later, although the basis is the same. A small button in chats that allows users to keep them archived in the archive section when they get a new message.

WhatsApp vacation mode is now fully functional

Until now, WhatsApp currently returns archived chats to the general list when one of the groups or chats receives a new message, new messages, even if you have muted the contact or the chat.

It is an especially annoying behavior, as long as breaks with the real utility of mute and archive a concrete conversation.

With this new function this behavior is ended: a chat that is muted, archived and with this active will not return to the general list of chats. It will remain hidden until you want to see it again and will continue to receive messages.

And how will you know if a person has sent you a message if their chat is archived and muted? WhatsApp has also added a new indicator of chats that it performs track unread chats along with archived identifier.

At the moment all this is only available in the beta version of the Android application, but unlike other occasions it is already fully functional. This means that this new feature may be about to reach the general version of the application in the next few days or weeks.

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