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Recently created developer Cloud Chamber and distributor 2K Games confirmed this year that a new installment of BioShock is in development, just over 7 years after the release of the last game. Details on this new title have not been released, which is normal considering that it is still in an early stage of development. However, thanks to a vacancy in the studio, we can see that the next iteration of BioShock will not take place at either Rapture or Columbia.

Cloud Chambers is looking for staff to work on the new BioShock and the most interesting thing is that there is a free position, specifically that of environment modeling leader, which reveals that the new title of the franchise would take players to a different place than Rapture and Columbia, the 2 iconic locations where BioShock and BioShock 2 are developed, as well as BioShock Infinite, respectively.

As Video Games Chronicle found out, we know the studio would be thinking about experimenting with another location because the job description mentions that the manager will help the Cloud Chambers team « bring a fantastic new world to life. » Although more details about this change are unfortunately not revealed, it can be expected that the theme could be very different, as well as the enemies, and it is difficult to know if the new game will be related to the past installments.

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A signature element of the show’s art could return in the new BioShock

What is also striking about this vacancy is that the manager will be responsible for creating « 3D models of natural and architectural elements » taking as reference photographs or conceptual art, but at the same time extracting the « best or brightest details and he exaggerates them to the point of caricature ”. This means that it seems that the new installment will retain the art direction of the previous titles, so we can expect the characters to have distinctive or outstanding features.

It is important to say that the new fantastic world in which BioShock will take place will be the first that will not be run by Ken Levine or part of the team that was behind the creation of Rapture and Columbia, that is, the original delivery and from BioShock Infinite. Fans of the franchise might be hard-pressed to conceive that BioShock will take place in a new location, considering that it all originated underwater. But changing locations is something that has been done before, with BioShock Infinite, so it will be interesting what direction Cloud Chamber will take in this new iteration.

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What do you think of the new information that came to light in the following BioShock? Are you interested in playing it? What direction would you like creatives to take for this new installment? Tell us in the comments.

Within the information it could have a service model and the study would be focused on creating a very rich and dynamic world that invites the player to explore it.

The new BioShock has no release date or window yet, but it is expected to arrive at one point in the next generation of consoles. As you can see, there is still a long time to be able to play the new iteration of the series, enough so that, if you do not know it, try all the titles, because the collection with the 3 installments is already available on all platforms, in fact one just debuted on Nintendo Switch. If you want to know why we recommend you to know this franchise, we invite you to read this article. You can find more news related to BioShock if you check this page.

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