One of the most recurring positions that have been given since the birth and boom of digital tools is that of UX Writer. This position is in charge of writing texts for mobile applications and web pages that seek to make the user experience satisfactory and simple through the platform.

A good UX Writer must not only have a broad command of writing and grammatical rules, but the ability to synthesize in small sentences a whole universe of ideas typical of the medium for which you are writing.

At the same time, a writer must have a role as a publicist, marketer and even a little psychologist to understand his audience. In short, it is a experience creator who has to adapt his language to the needs of a brand to give it a personality of its own. But it is only a small part of a whole …

Learn more about the skills this new digital age position needs to have to help you stand out and do useful work.

Impeccable writing in form and background

We already said that a UX Writer must have a broad command of the newsroom, but to this must be added the ability to know the product you are developing and the audience that will consume it in the end. The UX Writer will take your reader by the hand through an app or a web page to make your viewing and content experience as fascinating as possible.

Know the characteristics of the product well

It will be essential that you know in depth the product for which you will write. In this way, your texts can give a personality to the service or product for which you write. The UX Writer will give soul to an app or web page so that it will make your audience fall in love. We already said that this post, in addition to writing well, must have a bit of other roles to reach to issue a message that catches and pleases its user.

Full time researcher

The UX Writer must be curious by nature. Only in this way can you use all your skills to offer quality work that knows how to solve any need that arises among users of a digital platform. This position must have the ability not only to write but to learn from each of the roles with which they have to work.

Self-critical ability

All work can be improved and this must be kept in mind by a UX Writer, who will have to present more than one option for their texts, in addition to having a capacity for self-criticism that will lead them to do a better and better job. He is also highly valued when he is receptive to the comments of his clients and knows how to take into account the best opinions of others.

You must think about the benefit of others

The UX Writer writes to solve the needs of a human group, therefore it must be aware that its texts are to make life easier for those who come to a digital tool in search of solutions. This means taking off the mask of self-centeredness and working with the mind set on the well-being of others.

Must be a lover of collaborative work

The UX Writer will have to work with a group of different collaborators who will help feed and improve their work. It is impossible for this position to be dedicated to work in isolation, therefore it must be receptive to interpersonal relationships and be open to dealing with all kinds of multidisciplinary teams.

As the journalist Susan Stuart says: « The UX Writer must imagine users (characters), motivations, actions, reactions, obstacles, successes and a set of scenarios that consider the‘ what if « .