Discord has become a meeting point for UWP enthusiasts and application developers (Universal Windows Platform): Professional developers, hobbyists, and even Microsoft employees have been gathering around a Discord server with more than 1700 members called UWP Community for two years.

Community that they also use as a platform to organize an annual online event called ‘Launch’ (name inspired by the minimalist branding of official Microsoft events, such as ‘Build’ or ‘Connect’), intended for promote the launch of new UWP applications through the Microsoft Store. In fact, they have just published the batch of apps for this year’s event.

Its promoter and moderator, Arlo Godfrey, defines it as “a place to ask and learn from those with more experience, creating the perfect environment for applications to become something else. “

“We also provide a home for applications that are too small to provide a full Discord server, so that their users can provide feedback and developers can be aware of the needs of their community.”

A catalog with the best applications of the UWP scene

The developers of famous applications in this field, such as MyTube, Mixplay for Mixer, Huetro, OneLocker or Nightingale, joined the community from the first moment.

Its website also offers a catalog with 73 applications developed by members of the community and already available in the Microsoft Store. If we access it, we can see, at a quick glance, a screenshot, a brief description and a link to the store (and / or to the website or GitHub repository of each project).

These applications include, in addition to numerous unofficial clients for applications like Reddit, GitHub, Instagram, Spotify or Discord, the following:

Files UWP: A functional file explorer with tabs and Fluent Design interface, which we have already told you about.

Fluent Terminal: A terminal emulator (CMD, PowerShell, WSL, or others that we can configure), that allows you to quickly switch between them and has support for themes, SSH / Mosh, tabs and full screen.

FluentcastFluentcast FluentCast Podcast, another of the community apps.

myTube Beta: An alternative YouTube client for Windows 10 that allows you to view videos without advertising (and save them) from a convenient interface.

Swift Browser: A lightweight and configurable Fluent Design web browser with functions such as web annotation and reading mode.

Ritt: A small application that allows us to organize our folders and files using labels.

WinIRC: Do you remember the IRC protocol, the chat that was successful when neither Windows Messenger existed? And of the old client mIRC? Well, there is already a UWP alternative.


UWP Community, the reference forum for universal application developers that brings together 73 apps in its catalog