One of the most important moments of the last two chapters of “The Last Dance” is when it shows that Michael Jordan He was allegedly poisoned in the middle of a 1997 Finals game. According to MJ himself, his personal trainer Tim Glover and other witnesses, that poisoning occurred with a pizza they ordered at a local in Utah. However, there is already a version that denies them.

Craig Fite He was the man who delivered the pizza to the Marriott Hotel where the Chicago Bulls were staying, including Jordan. According to the man in “The Big Show”, he was called from the hotel asking for a pizza that was possibly going to be for “one of the players” and that he wanted the Bulls to win because of his devotion to Jordan, which reached such a point to name your son Michael.

Fite said he personally made the pizza because “he wouldn’t let anyone else make it” just in case and, after completing it, took it to the hotel. In addition, he denied those who spoke about the episode in the series, who according to him said “a lot of shit” and that there could not have been five who delivered the pizza because “they did not even have so many people working on the premises.”

In addition, Fite said that “I followed the rules” because he wanted to impress the owner of the premises and that, after passing the security controls, he delivered the pizza and was even greeted by Michael Jordan in his room, which was full of smoke like the rest from the Bulls’ floor. There have been many who have said that Jordan really had a hangover and was not poisoned or anything, but more than 20 years after that fact, it is all part of an epic history of the league.