Using LastPass on multiple devices will no longer be possible in its free version

As of March 16, users will have to pay to use the tool simultaneously.

Password managers are very useful and used today. LastPass is one of the most popular, but bad news has arrived for users of the free version of this tool.

LastPass indicated that as of March the tool will no longer be able to be used on different devices at the same time in its free version.

These types of tools are very useful when we use different accounts with different passwords, because it facilitates their management and improves the user experience.

Many people trust this manager, and also, they use this option a lot when storing their passwords. Also because it helps synchronize and autocomplete login credentials on any computer, regardless of the operating system you use and also in many of the browsers that exist today.

The information was made known to the company through a note sent by email. The message, of course, has been received by active LastPass users.

The note explains that since March 16 users will no longer be able to use the tool simultaneously on different devices, but they also include an exception.

The exception that LastPass has made is for mobile devices. That is, the simultaneous option can be used with an iOS device and an Android device. It is not possible to use it on a mobile phone and a computer at the same time, to do so it is mandatory to pay for the service.