A portable personal air conditioner? That’s what it claims to be Reon Pocket, which is about the size of a smartphone and looks like an Apple Magic Mouse, it can cool your body to 5 ° C on stifling days.

In addition, it can also warm you up during the winter, reaching a maximum of an additional 10 ºC.

Reon Pocket

To use the device, you have to slide the cooling unit into a special inside pocket on a T-shirt, which is right between the shoulder blades. Sony is selling the custom designed t-shirts to go with the Reon Pocket for about $ 20, but presumably you could sew one on your own t-shirts for the device, for a few bucks.

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Once you have equipped your clothes with the cooling device just below your neck, you need to download the free Reon Pocket app on Google Play or App Store for iOS devices. From there, you can toggle between cooling and heating and adjust temperature with one touch.

The Reon Pocket device should make contact with the skin (through your shirt) to refresh you. Use the Peltier effect, a concept in thermodynamics, to cool down, unlike those little nebulization gadgets you can see parents using at Disney World to cool down their kids.

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The built-in lithium-ion battery lasts approximately two to four hours, depending on the configuration you use, and it takes approximately 2.5 hours to recharge the battery with a USB-C style port.

While sales of the device started on July 1, it doesn’t seem easy to get one outside of Japan. Reon Pocket appears on the Japanese Amazon site for $ 172. It is unclear when the Reon Pocket will be made available to buyers in the rest of the world.

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