uses electronic ink and promises reduced refresh times

The e-ink displays They have proven their worth in e-book readers, so why not use them as monochrome monitors for our computers?

That’s just what he does Onyx Book Mira Pro, an electronic ink monitor with a diagonal of 25.3 inches and that certainly looks promising if you don’t need the usual features of conventional monitors. And above all, if you can settle for seeing everything in grayscale.

Ideal for reading (and writing) without rest

This monitor has remarkable features: resolution is 3,200 x 1,800 pixels, the screen occupies 85% of the front and is able to pivot completely and work in both landscape and portrait mode.

Another key element of the screen is its BSR soft drink technology, which according to those responsible makes the speed with which the contents are displayed on the screen is close to that achieved on conventional monitors.

It is even possible to watch videos on the monitor without too many problems, although obviously both those videos and the images and the rest of the visual elements lack colors: everything is represented in grayscale.

The Boox Mira Pro has a glossy finish, and it doesn’t appear to have touch support, but it still makes a great alternative to traditional monitors. especially if the user reads and writes a lot in their day to day and for him color or the reproduction of videos and animations is not so necessary.

In fact it seems an especially interesting proposal as an auxiliary monitor precisely for those scenarios. The proposal is very similar in benefits to the one that Dasung raised a few weeks ago with his Paperlike 253, but the latter had a price above $ 2,000.

The monitor just launched in China, where its price is 8,999 yuan (about 1,165 euros at the change). It has not been confirmed if this monitor will be sold internationally, but of course Boox has been selling e-book readers for a long time, so these monitors may indeed end up reaching this and other markets.

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