Users report receiving rice or cat food instead of their PS5

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Last Thursday, November 19, the PlayStation 5 made its official debut in Europe. With this, fans could finally get their hands on the console after a week of watching gamers from America and Japan enjoy it. Sadly things were not good for everyone and some did not receive the console, but another class of objects.

As reported by media such as Eurogamer and VG24 / 7, UK players have reported that their PlayStation 5 order placed on Amazon UK did not include the console. Instead, they got little gaming-related items, like cat food; rice bags; foot massagers or even kitchen accessories.

It is worth mentioning that most of the problems have appeared on sites like reddit and Twitter, so it is difficult to verify them. That said, at Eurogamer they report cases of friends and colleagues who have been affected by the same thing.

An important point is that there are also those who have had problems at the time of delivery. For example, a user reports that the delivery man parked in front of his house and marked that the console could not be delivered. Noticing this, the user approached the truck and had it hand him the box. With this he noticed that the box that the console came in had the verification QR code damaged, in addition to that it had been opened.

At the moment, the vast majority of problems are believed to be with purchases made from third-party Amazon UK sellers. Luckily the platform offers satisfaction to its consumers, so surely in the end everything will have a happy ending.

The problems are not only in Amazon

Now, if the vast majority of cases have been reported in purchases made on Amazon UK, other stores in the region have also failed their consumers.

For example, Will Judd, who writes for Digital Foundry, reported that he ordered the PlayStation 5 on the GAME network. On the day of the delivery, he received a notification that his neighbor had received his PlayStation 5 for him, even though he was at home.

So he went out to see his neighbor, who informed him that a Yodel deliveryman spoke to him and told him that he would bring the package to Judd. However, that never happened and the delivery man left with the console never to return.

And you, have you heard another nightmare story like this? Tell us in the comments.

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