users report failures when unlocking the screen

Multiple reports of an apparent problem begin to emerge among some iPhone 12 mini users when trying to unlock the screen.

When Apple introduced its new generation of terminals iPhone 12 Perhaps the one that most caught our attention was the « mini » variant. Because its dimensions and great power.

The Cupertino Boys have managed to keep this new generation of smart devices attractive. That is undeniable.

But apparently there might be a somewhat unusual problem with your screen. At least that suggests the number of reports that a peculiar situation is accumulating.

A problem with the screen

Through the Apple support forums Y Reddit Some reports have begun to circulate where various users of the iPhone 12 mini claim that they are having difficulty unlocking the phone.

The main point of the problem is that the screen of the device would stop responding to load the interface and it would not even recognize the thumb fingerprint at times.

Even more direct actions, such as activating the camera’s flashlight or launching the camera from the lock screen, would be impossible for those affected.

Apple has not stated if there are actually any real conflicts with the operation of the iPhone 12 mini in that regard or if they are isolated cases.

But for their part the affected users; report the same as the problem It is solved by connecting the smartphone to its charger.

Or failing that, removing the protective case or using a finger other than the thumb to unlock the smartphone.

Everything points, according to those involved, to that it could be a problem of conductivity and response of the device to the touch with the fingers on the screen.

But it would be necessary to wait a little longer to clarify everything and know Apple’s position. For now it does not seem to be generalized.