Happy Spiderman Day: Users on Social Media Celebrate Their Favorite Marvel Superhero | INSTAGRAM

The first of August was declared by fans « Spiderman Day », so they celebrate it on the networks.

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Today is the day when the exploits of one of the most important characters of the company that currently belongs to the great monopoly that Disney has become are celebrated. Our beloved « Spidey » celebrates a new anniversary.

It is for this reason that, on social networks, under the hashtags #SpiderMan and #SpiderManDay, fans have given themselves the task of publishing photos, videos and images of Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland playing the character on the tapes, as well as images of Spider-Man from the Comics and television series facing his worst enemies.

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On the other hand, the official Marvel account has also published extensive content, including an entertaining animated video clip, telling the story of the hero arachnid, showing the evolution that his iconic suit has undergone over the years.

The clip begins with Peter Parker seated at a sewing machine finishing the first Spider-Man suit, which appeared in 1962 and was called « Classic Suit ». The next one, created in 1966, had cobwebs removed from his armpit as an update.

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However, the great change came in 1984 with the « Symbiote suit », which is when the symbiote from space attaches to Peter and has to remove it from his body with the sound of the bells, although this would generate the creation of his arch-enemy Venom.

Later we can see the « Armored Suit », from 1993, capable of resisting shooting; the « Scarlet Spider Suit », from 1994, with a very casual look; the 2006 « Iron-Spider Suit », created by Tony Stark with various technological surprises; and the « Future Foundation Suit », from 2011, among others.

Recall that Spider-Man first appeared in the comic book world in issue 15 of « Amazing Fantasy » on June 5, 1962, during the so-called Silver Age of Comics. The creation of Stan Lee and Steve Ditko acquired a year later, in 1963, their own series of publications, which concluded in November 1998: « Amazing Spider-Man ».

He introduced us to the story of Peter Parker, a student who is bitten by a radioactive spider and acquires the powers and abilities of a arachnid who seeks fame, but after the death of his uncle, Ben Parker, understands the responsibility of his powers with the motto : « With great power comes great responsibility. »

We can not find a better way to celebrate this day than to run for your favorite snacks and get ready to enjoy your favorite movie or movies of our « Amazing Spider-Man », or if you prefer, you can play some of his video games for a while, whatever you decide to do. It is perfect, commemorating the fun and humble hero.