Users confess to Netflix having hired Disney and the brand responds

After a little more than a year of being released in the United States, this Tuesday Disney Plus arrived in Mexico and some other countries in Latin America, which has undoubtedly generated all kinds of reactions on social networks.

In addition to having the #DisneyPlus promoted trend, the brand has managed to position itself organically among the most discussed topics within these spaces.

In this way, the term Disney occupies the second position among the most talked about topics with 399 thousand tweets, while Simpsons does the same with 18.3 tweets and Roku with 25.7 thousand tweets, according to Twitter estimates delivered at the end of this note.

This digital conversation began to gain weight last night, when with a peculiar message from its account focused on the Latin American market, Netflix decided to send a welcome message to Disney Plus, where the rivalry seems to have been put aside.

This welcome was responded to by the platform that today reaches the Mexican market, which in addition to generating all kinds of expectations, led many users to confess their preference for both platforms.

In this way, as part of the responses that were made to this thread between Disney Plus and Netflix, some users decided to confess to the Los Gatos, California platform that they were already subscribers of the new bet of the house of Mickey Mouse, to what the platform responded by stating that it is good to “know other options” and that its service will always be there for when users decide to return.

Under this scenario, the question to answer would be whether consumers would be willing to betray Netflix by the arrival of a new player and perhaps the answer would be no.

This responds to more than the messages that can now be read from the Netflix Twitter account.

What you really have to consider are the consumption habits that, until now, dictate the relationship of the audiences with the paid streaming services on demand and the Netflix offer.

From MarketWatch they indicate that users of this type of platform are willing to pay up to three services at the same time, for a price no higher than $ 50 per month (1,019 pesos at the current exchange rate)

Knowing this, the deck is very easy to read. Even if Netflix has raised its prices in different markets in recent weeks, it will surely keep a large part of its user base, which will alternate the consumption of content via Netflix with other players such as Disney Plus.

The services that offer low prices with extensive portfolios of original content will be the ones that look privileged. Clearly, Netflix falls into this equation.

In other words, it is a consumption norm that has characterized the current consumer: it is not a question of substituting services, the presence of one will be combined with the other, with which the battle will be in the time that each of them is able to absorb.

In other words, Netflix could maintain more subscribers than Disney in the medium term, but this will not be a sign of leadership, if the time that audiences spend in the second is significantly greater than what they spend on the first.