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Twitch has a diverse selection of categories with content focused on video games, cooking, and general entertainment. However, it is well known that sometimes in video game sections streamers often include suggestive content or implicit or explicit sexual references. Well, this trend today is causing a user to sue Twitch for millions of dollars.

According to a Dexerto report, Twitch member Erik Estavillo filed a lawsuit against the platform arguing that this site has exposed him to « content too suggestive and sexual from various female streamers. »

According to the legal documents that Dexerto exposes, the user, who is a Prime and Turbo member, filed the lawsuit in the Supreme Court of California and in it it is explained that he suffers from various effects on his health, such as depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder and panic . Among these diseases is sex addiction, which has worsened with the use of the platform, to which it has been exposed during confinement.

Twitch makes it impossible to avoid sexual content in game streams

Its condition has been exacerbated because the Twitch algorithm makes it almost impossible for the user to avoid inappropriate content from certain streamers, especially women. According to Dexerto, Estavillo assures that in the absence of a filter with which streamers can be selected by gender, the system offers a “game and / or category to watch, with miniatures showing these scantily clad women, as well as men. « 

The document also indicates that the plaintiff and other users who go in search of games are exposed to « material and sexually addictive content consistently and regularly on a daily basis » by some streamers, among whom he cited renowned young people on the platform, such as Alinity. , Loserfruit, Pokimane, Pink_Sparkles, Amouranth and ST Peach. In addition to this, the plaintiff mentions that Twitch has a streamer donation system that serves as instant gratification that promotes this type of content similar to how a casino does.

The user seeks to be compensated with millions of dollars

Due to the damages caused, Estavillo seeks compensation for $ 25 million, which he would allocate both to pay the expenses of the legal process and to other Twitch Prime Turbo members, while the rest would donate it to charities to combat the coronavirus ( COVID-19) and support the Black Lives Matter movement. Likewise, the user urges Twitch to immediately cancel or issue permanent banning to all the young people mentioned in the document, as well as other content creators who do not respect the platform’s terms of service.

Estavillo filed the lawsuit on June 15 in court and a summons reached Twitch on June 19. It is important to say that, as Dexerto reports, the user has also sued companies such as Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo and Blizzard, for reasons that are not exposed.

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