At a time when most platforms and services and web and mobile applications have a paid or « premium » option, the belief in a VIP service for Twitter that allows for better attributes does not seem far-fetched. Recently an alleged luxury option of the application went viral on networks called Twitter Premium, which, according to users, would allow you to access exclusive content and get rid of all the ads on it. All for the payment of a monthly payment.

However, said Twitter extension does not exist nor has it been officially confirmed. Actually, the term dates back to 2017, when the platform offered plans for developers, under the name of Twitter Premium. There is no luxury option for ordinary members of the application, but that did not prevent Mexican users from becoming a trend between the night of Monday, July 27 and the early hours of Tuesday, July 28. This, after some accounts tweeted that about a supposed content that was only enabled for Twitter Premium users.

Given this, a large number of users claimed and satirized the existence of Twitter Premium with memes were directed towards those who believed in the service’s VIP accounts.

The reference to the meme from the movie The Devil Wears Fashion could not miss …

Neither does Troy’s T meme.

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