use this app to tell all your contacts

Use Watomatic to configure automatic responses in WhatsApp and thus notify your contacts that you are no longer in the app.

With the new WhatsApp policies about to come into force, more and more users are considering, now yes, the ability to quit the popular messaging app Definitively.

Being Telegram an almost perfect application in terms of functionalities, this could be a very good solution except for a small detail: the users.

As much as Telegram already exceeds 500 million active registrations, few of us dare to make the final leap from WhatsApp, especially for fear of missing an important message.

However, these days we have discovered a app that can make life a lot easier in this regard, since will notify everyone who contacts us on WhatsApp that we are in Telegram, Signal or any other messaging app.

This is how Watomatic works, the application with which you can configure autoresponders in WhatsApp

The move from WhatsApp to Telegram can be somewhat traumatic, especially if our contacts are not with us

First of all, it must be said that Watomatic has a trick and that is that it is nothing more than a simplified and ad-free version of the usual autoresponder applications. Thus, the main watomatic advantage is that it is a open source app that has a clean interface and free of in-app purchases and ads.

With it we can set up autoresponders for WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger in a tremendously simple way. The application will send the message to your contacts whenever they write to you, being able to configure, yes, How often do you want the answer to be sent?.

In this way, one can schedule an automated message to warn everyone who contacts us that we are not in the application. In other words, you can use Watomatic to go permanently to Telegram, leaving a message ready to tell our contacts which is our user in Telegram or in any other messaging app.


With Watomatic you can configure automatic responses for both WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger

Of course, in order for Watomatic to work well, you have to give access to our notifications and, logically, leave WhatsApp installed on the phone. Although yes, you can remove it from the home screen in order to lose sight of it.

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Regarding how Watomatic works, it couldn’t be simpler. His friendly interface just let us configure five settings, and believe us, you don’t need more:

Activate or deactivate the automatic reply. Configure the text we want to send with a limit of 500 characters. Choose where we want it to work (remember to accept the permissions): WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or both. Choose if we want it to work also in group chats. Customize the frequency of response so that the app does not give it too much.

Finally, it goes without saying that although Watomatic was born focused on informing our contacts that we have moved from WhatsApp to another app, it can also be very useful for disconnect on vacation or to communicate important changes (such as a new physical address or a future number change).

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