Use of office buildings will be used as housing or mixed use

MEXICO CITY. The head of Government, Claudia Sheinbaum, announced that she will redirect the use of office buildings so that they can be used as housing or mixed use, through a decree that “will be ready in less than a month”, as part of the actions to boost employment through construction.

Some other important actions (for the growth of employment), we have discussed, the power to reorient office buildings to housing, here it was proposed not only to housing but to mixed uses (offices and housing), which is being worked on so that In less than a month the decree will be ready and all these activities can begin to take place, ”said Sheinbaum.

The president of the capital explained that, in the previous meeting she had with businessmen, the construction sector stated that it was essential to reactivate the construction of housing to generate jobs, in particular the social type due to the economic crisis that is being experienced due to the pandemic of covid.

When questioning her on whether the reorientation that she raises does not require prior approval from Congress, she stated: “in some cases it requires a change in land use and in other cases it does not; There are many powers that the local Executive has, which I have as Head of Government, and the idea is precisely at this time of economic reactivation that is where these powers of the Head of Government can be used, so that all these procedures can be reduced and can start This process”.

The reduction of procedures as well as the increase in digital procedures are part of one of the three axes that make up the agenda for economic reactivation, which was presented yesterday by the head of government together with the businessmen.

The other pillars are the dissemination of information on the reduction of insecurity in the city (to provide confidence to foreign investment) and the beginning of a campaign to activate the tourism and services sectors.

The objective today is to reactivate employment in Mexico City, the different activities. We are going to meet again in a month to take very concrete actions that allow us to advance in this economic reactivation of the city, “he said.

During the presentation, the president of the Mexican Business Council and counselor of Corazón Capital, Antonio del Valle Perochena, expressed his confidence in the current administration and pointed out that local businessmen are interested in working to reactivate the economy of the City more quickly. of Mexico, after the covid-19 crisis.

We know that economic and public finance policy is going to follow the same responsible path that it has taken in recent years and that gives us businessmen peace ”, he assured.


The Head of Government, Claudia Sheinbaum, announced that she is analyzing the balance point of the vaccination against covid-19, which could be 70%, to resume the mass concerts.

In New York, for example, it was 70% (vaccinated). We are doing this study so that the moment we have that percentage of vaccinated and already start all the cultural activity that characterizes our city and that enhances all our services ”.

In a press conference after a meeting with businessmen, he explained that tourism and cultural activities in the capital are part of the reactivation as long as there is no risk to the population.

-Ximena Mejía

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