Use of installed capacity peaked in two years

The industry reached in November the highest point of use of installed capacity in the last two years. In fact, the use of manufacturing machinery rose to 63.1% during that month, which implied an improvement of 2.6 points compared to November 2019. In addition, it implied a rise of 1.5 in the comparison with October. Thus, a dynamic was consolidated in which the industrial sector achieved an accelerated productive recovery, hand in hand with the reopening of sectors after the quarantine in its most rigid version.

The numbers were published by Indec through the Use of Installed Capacity in Industry (UCII) report. From the Ministry of Economy they highlighted that the use of facilities continued to grow after the 42% floor that it marked during April. During November, it was 3.9 points above the pre-Covid-19, in February.

In addition, they remarked that « growth occurred in six of the twelve items surveyed, while one of them remained stable and the rest cut their decline. »

The blocks that registered year-on-year growth were Non-metallic Minerals (9 points), Automotive (8.2), Metalworking (7.6), Food and beverages (5.6) Rubber and plastic (2.5) and Basic Metals (1 ,4). Chemicals remained stable. The rest slowed their contraction.