USA: Old man scares 3 thieves … with a cane

An 81-year-old former Marine used his grandfather’s baton to scare three burglars from his suburban Chicago home and hit one of them over the head.

Dan and Barbara Donovan told the Pioneer Press that a man in a reflective vest and mask recently knocked on their door in Niles, claiming he was a power company employee and needed to check his fuses due to a recent fire in the area.

Barbara Donovan said that when they were both in the basement with the man, who was inspecting the electrical circuit panel, she heard squeaks on the hardwood floor and realized something was wrong.

“I yelled, ‘Danny, there’s someone in our bedroom!’” He said.

She got on the run followed by her husband and the fake electrician. On the main floor they encountered two men, one of whom was holding a pillowcase from his bed.

Dan Donovan took his grandfather’s shillelagh – an old Irish stick that doubles as a club – which was propped up in a corner of the room.

He struck the man with the holster on the back of the neck. The man seized the holster and followed his accomplices, but Donovan — who was barefoot — chased them to his vehicle, hitting it on the windshield with the heavy baton.

“I hope they didn’t get anything but a headache and I hope they change jobs,” he said.