United States (USA) It’s in crisis. It is undeniable that the coronavirus pandemic has hit capitalism, its economic-political system, to the core. Is it a process that will lead to collapse? The odds are high.

However, to talk about collapse We must understand that it is characterized by its irreversibility. It is impossible to stop, and the discussion is about the capacity of capitalism to renew itself and succeed in the face of this deadly stab.

No one would have imagined that the reason for the economic crisis of imperialism would be the elimination of consumption, and labor. That is to say, theorists of anarchism as Carlos Taibo They foresee the collapse but subjected to an environmental catastrophe, or the exhaustion of energy sources.

However, today for Americans, the stock market crash, the almost 10 million unemployed, the shale oil industry broke, the rise to the first place in the world infections and deaths, seem to warn that the health crisis has been fatal for the North American hegemon.

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However, the coronavirus pandemic can and must be controlled. Several countries (which today form alternative poles of development in the vision altermundista) go to great lengths and reap significant achievements in defeating the virus.

China claims to have controlled its expansion in Wuhan. Russia, Cuba and Venezuela present remarkable indices. On the other hand, the United States, despite the late reaction of Donald trump (which may cost him the next presidential elections), does not seem to advance in prevention and containment.

It is only observed from the outside, with the little information that leaks into commercial media, rows of sarcophagi buried somewhere in New York.

No labor slave and without consumption capitalism cannot react. He is motionless, pulling out of the reserve. Million-dollar losses are counted by the minute. Panic spreads through the cities, while some rural states refuse to comply with the quarantine, promoting the spread of the virus.

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Everything indicates that the pandemic will live long in the territory. A virus that does not produce immunity by affecting the human body, because it can re-infect the host. Can we talk about a collapse?

Today we are studying the possibility that the COVID-19 be a biological weapon created by the United States to destroy its main competitor: China. The shot went out the butt, because like Venezuela and Cuba, they are nations with strong, solid states and with a political system based on the protection of their people, solidarity.

Socialist, communist systems. Progressive. What a geopolitical lesson the pandemic has given us: thousands of people killed by greed and the mercantile nature of capitalism, segregated and forgetting the most fragile layers of its population. The death of the human due to lack of money, the death of thousands due to the absence of free health systems for all.

There is a collapse and it is symbolic. The government of Donald trump it has fallen into a spiral of international pillage, of moon smoke pots, of military threats and sly phrases to cover up its own inefficiency.

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The capitalism has shown the decayed teeth of a human-eating beast. Globalization is a topic of old books that must be burned. The indolence before the suffering of African-Americans and Latinos is an impossible sign to forget.

The capitalism It will try to robotize its industries, to leverage work at home, to empower health products to market them. In his worst hour, with the threat of the explosion of real estate bubbles, he will have to yield in all the lands. But the beast is wounded and not dead.

Hour of union of the rebels, of brotherhood of the equals. We continue.

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Orlando Romero Harrington is the author of numerous texts on communication and politics. He is a plastic artist, graphic designer, documentary filmmaker, creative director, blogger, teacher and an eternal militant of libertarian causes.

He is currently President of the Zorba Communication Laboratory, Advisor on Institutional Image and Political Campaigns in Venezuela.