USA celebrates Teacher Appreciation Week

15 minutes. Starting this Monday and until May 7, the United States will celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week, a way to pay tribute to educators this week.

It is a way of thanking teachers who make a difference in the lives of students.

This week has been going on since 1984, with the National Parent Teacher Association (PTA) taking a particular interest. in highlighting the work that teachers do.

“Let’s be honest. This school year has been weird. But we’re getting through it, in part thanks to our nation’s amazing educators. Take a moment to thank a teacher during Teacher Appreciation Week,” they write from the PTA in a release.

“Teachers change the lives of millions of children every day,” they continue. “In a year in which instruction can be virtual, in person or in combination, his immense work and impact provided a much needed sense of community and connection“.

On the PTA website they also encourage people to thank the teachers. They even put different ways of doing it, like sending them a letter of appreciation, poems, video messages, or posting a picture with your favorite teacher on social networks.