US sanctions have slowed its space program

It is not the first time Russia tries to leave the International Space Stationl. Now, however, they have given a clear and direct reason: the sanctions that the United States has imposed on them. The Russian aerospace sector simply does not have the necessary material to build its satellites and space equipment to use at the station.

At the moment Russia has a series of sanctions by the United States that prevents you from collaborating with certain US companies in the aerospace industry. These sanctions are imposed due to Russia’s annexation of Crimea in 2014. The United States has since imposed a series of sanctions on it both for said annexation and for electoral meddling, cyberattacks and more charges.

Dimitry Rogozin, CEO of Roscosmos, has indicated that they plan leave the International Space Station by 2025 unless the United States lifts sanctions. This was stated in a parliamentary hearing on June 7, according to the Russian agency TASS. As he stated, “either we work together, in which case the sanctions are lifted immediately, or we will not work together and deploy our own station.”

In particular, the sanctions against the Russian company TsNIIMash in particular they are the ones that prevent the Russian aerospace sector from advancing. It is a manufacturer of rockets and space equipment that for a few months has been on the United States list of “companies that collaborate with the military sector.” A list that Xiaomi was also recently seen on.

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Apparently Russia can’t get a specific chip they need for their satellites and ships. The American companies that make it cannot collaborate with the Russian manufacturer. “We have spacecraft that are nearly assembled, but they lack a specific microchip set that we have no way to buy due to sanctions,” the Roscosmos director said.

Matter of time

A matter of time before the sanctions take effect and a matter of time before Russia leaves the International Space Station. And this is one of the few times that a senior Russian official has admitted that US sanctions are directly affecting them, in a sector as critical as aerospace.

On the other hand, Russia’s departure from the International Space Station it seems more and more a matter of time. They have repeatedly threatened to do so and lately they have more reasons than ever. While the International Space Station has been a collaboration between these two countries (and Europe, Canada, and Japan) for decades, Russia may soon abandon it.

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Previously this was more critical than now, since the United States relied directly on Russian rockets to get to and from the International Space Station, now it has SpaceX for it. Finally, keep in mind that the International Space Station does not have to be unique, China is already building its as well.

Via | TASS

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