US resumes expedited deportation flights to Honduras

UNITED STATES, HONDURAS. The United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced the resumption of the deportations of migrants Central Americans who did not qualify for political asylum and have no legal basis to remain in the country.

“DHS today resumed expedited deportation flights for certain families who recently arrived at the southern border and do not have a legal basis to remain in the United States,” the organization said in a statement.

The US entity explained that the main purpose of the expulsion process is to be able to safely administer the border. In addition, to be able to consolidate the objective of the administration of Joe biden to achieve efficient and secure immigration processing.

Back to their places of origin

In the text, it is stated that on Friday the flights began to depart with the first group of families detained by the Customs and Border Protection Service. Likewise, most of these immigrants are from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador.

According to reports, next week at least 3 flights from the US are expected to arrive in Honduras, where Honduran families will come who were caught illegally entering the North American country.

Every year, thousands of compatriots are deported from the United States.

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Asylum for those in need

On the other hand, DHS argued that the option of “political asylum and other legal avenues of migration should be available to those who need them.” Therefore, for their selection, people must meet a series of requirements that many times do not meet and that leads to them being returned to their countries of origin.

“The migration Irregularity to the United States is dangerous and can have long-term immigration consequences. The journey is especially dangerous for families and children, including teenagers, ”the report concludes.

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