US Government sues Georgia over state law restricting voting

15 minutes. The US Department of Justice announced on Friday a lawsuit against the state of Georgia over its new law that restricts the voting rights of minorities.

The attorney general of the United States, Merrick Garland, announced this demand in a press conference in which he denounced that This state regulation is intended to “deny or reduce the right of Georgia blacks to vote.”. He added that in this way, he violates federal law that protects suffrage.

Garland warned that this lawsuit is the first of “many steps” that will be taken to guarantee the right to vote. I emphasize that it is a clear message to the other states, held by the republicans, which are passing rules restricting minority voting.

He pointed out in this sense that under the same premise Laws already passed as well as other regulations are being reviewed that are being processed in various states.

“When we believe that the civil rights of Americans have been violated, we will not hesitate to act.”stressed the attorney general.

In addition, Garland announced a new directive from the Department of Justice to combat threats against election officials such as those that occurred in the last presidential elections.

“We will immediately prosecute any violation of federal law,” he said of this new order, which will pursue “intimidating threats.”

Georgia law

On the Georgia law against which the lawsuit was filed, Garland said it imposes “additional obstacles” and “unnecessary” requirements on identification to vote and to apply for suffrage by mail.

In addition, according to the attorney general, it “irrationally” shortens both the period for which voters can claim to vote by mail and the time to send said ballot.

He recalled on this last point that the data show that black voters are the ones who most resort to voting by mail.

Georgia law also prohibits voting organizations from distributing voting forms by mail.

Another measure of state law that drastically reduces the number of mailboxes from which to send the vote is also appealed. In the case of the metropolitan area of ​​the city of Atlanta, for example, it would go from one hundred to twenty.

In the US, each state sets its own rules on suffrage.

During the pandemic, many territories relaxed the requirements to vote by mail or in advance. This sparked a record turnout and fueled conspiracy theories between former President Donald Trump and his supporters, who unprovenly denounced fraud at the polls.

216 bills

Since then, at the state level, Republicans have introduced at least 216 bills in 41 states to restrict access to the vote.. Of those bills, 14 have been approved, according to the nonpartisan organization States United Democracy Center, dedicated to protecting the suffrage.

These rules are what the Department of Justice is now going to review to decide whether to file lawsuits as it has done with Georgia.

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