US Exceeds 11 Million Confirmed COVID-19 Cases; it also counts more than 246 thousand deaths

The United States remains the country in the world most affected by the pandemic; registered 11 million 984 infections and 246 thousand 6 deaths

United States this Sunday exceeded 11 million confirmed cases of COVID-19, with more than 246 thousand dead, according to the independent count of the Johns Hopkins University.

At 4:45 p.m. local time, United States, the country in the world most affected by the pandemic, registered 11 million 984 infections and 246 thousand 6 deaths.

The United States is followed by the number of infections India, with 8 million 814 thousand 579, and Brazil, with 5 million 848 thousand 959.

Regarding the dead, behind the North American country are Brazil, with 165 thousand 658, and the India, with 129 thousand 635.

Within the United States, the state with the highest number of contagion it is Texas, with one million 55 thousand 508, which is ahead of California, with one million 27 thousand 509, and Florida, with 875 thousand 095.

Regarding deaths, the most impacted state is New York (34 thousand 16); they follow him Texas (19,918) and Florida (18,257).

In the last week, United States It has suffered daily records of new infections of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, with an unprecedented figure of 187 thousand 95 new infections on Friday.

Despite this rebound, the main epidemiologist of the White House, Anthony Fauci, ruled out this Sunday in an interview with the television channel CNN the imposition of a national confinement.

“If we do not turn the rebound around (…) we are not going to impose a national confinement, I think that is very clear, but I think we are going to start seeing at the local level, that is, governors, mayors or people at the local level that it will do, as you have said, surgical-type restrictions, which are the functional equivalent of a local confinement, ”said Fauci.

Monday the American pharmaceutical company Pfizer announced that its vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 is 90 percent effective, above what is required by the country’s regulators, which promises a rapid emergency authorization for its availability to the public.

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