Washington, United States (. / Alfonso Fernández) .- Liquor stores, bank branches, coffee shops, the headquarters of the largest US union, almost all the establishments near the White House showed on Monday the scars of another night of violent protests in the disquieting silence of President Donald Trump.

The center of the American capital began the week with the result of last night’s pitched battle: Broken glass, smashed doors, painted against Trump and in favor of the Black Lives Matter movement while in Lafayette Square (the square opposite to the presidential house) the operatives and security agents tried to clean up the damage.

Despite the curfew decreed by the Mayor of Washington, Muriel Bowser, the participants in the protests maintained a defiant attitude towards the security forces who resorted to the launching of rubber balls and tear gas.

“They have to dominate (the protesters), if they don’t dominate them, they are wasting time. They’re going to hit you, and you’re going to look like a bunch of idiots. They have to dominate them, “said Trump

The national wave of unrest, which in many cases degenerated into looting, has left President Trump speechless for the moment, adding concern over developments in the coming days.


In front of the headquarters of his real estate manager Liberty Group on 14th Street, Andrew Cohn, explained how his door had been smashed and the windows broken with bricks and assured Efe that these actions “have nothing to do with race issues This has to do with opportunists who generate chaos and are violent ».

Cohn said he has urged his employees to protect the establishment from what he hopes will be another night of protests.

In the liquor store next door, the damage was even more serious, since the protesters entered the interior, where they destroyed and took away numerous products.

This has nothing to do with who’s in the White House. This is a group of people who feel they are outside the system, “said Cohn.

The protests began to demand justice for the death of the African-American citizen George Floyd in Minneapolis at the hands of the police a week ago, and have ended in a wave of mobilizations in different parts of the country.

One of the buildings most affected by the violence was that of the country’s largest union platform AFL-CIO, in front of the White House.

Early on Monday, its president, Richard Trumka, coordinated the repair work outside the headquarters and called the attacks “unfortunate and meaningless.”

“This only helps those who have oppressed workers of color for generations and distracts from the passionate and peaceful protesters who are adequately bringing the issues of racism to the fore,” Trumka said in a statement.


Amid tension across the country, with the curfew imposed on at least forty cities and calling on the National Guard to stem the unrest, Trump was silent throughout Sunday from inside the White House.

And in his favorite means of communication, Twitter, he was silent during a day in which the country seemed out of control.

On Monday, however, he recovered the activity although he returned to point to the extreme left as responsible for the altercations and charged against the alleged weakness of the state governors.

“They have to dominate (the protesters), if they don’t dominate them, they are wasting time. They’re going to hit you, and you’re going to look like a bunch of idiots. They have to dominate them, “Trump said in a call with the governors.

The outbreak in the streets comes at a particularly delicate time in the United States. since three crises are added: health, economic and social.

When the country tries to get out of the coronavirus pandemic, which has already left more than 100,000 dead, and more than 40 million people have applied for unemployment benefits due to the crisis created by mobility restrictions and social distancing orders, street riots have exposed the cracks in the world’s first economy. .