US detects case of “double mutant” variant of COVID-19

April 6, 2021


Scientists from Stanford University, California, identified in the area a case of the new “double mutant” variant of COVID-19, found for the first time in India.

Researchers at the Stanford Clinical Virology Laboratory last week detected the presence of this strain in an infected person, which after appearing in March in India is spreading rapidly. To date, there was no evidence that it had reached the United States.

“This variant has the L452R mutation that we also found in the Californian strain, as well as another significant mutation, E484Q,” said Stanford Health Care spokeswoman Lisa Kim.

In addition to the confirmed case, researchers are following seven other people who are suspected of also having been infected with this strain.

The variant was named “Double mutant” because it has undergone two mutations that allow it to more easily couple to cells, although at the moment it is unknown if it is more infectious than other strains or if it has greater resistance to vaccine antibodies.