US Department of Justice sues Georgia for discriminating against black voters


The United States Department of Justice announced this Friday that it will sue the state of Georgia for its new electoral law, approved with the support of the Republicans, as it ensures that involves intentional discrimination against black voters, so it would be unconstitutional.

The new legislation imposes new voter identification requirements for absentee ballots, limits the use of ballot boxes, and empowers state officials to run local election boards, among others, in what the Justice Department considers a vote suppression exercise.

The US Attorney General, Merrick Garland, announced this Friday that “this lawsuit is the first of many steps we are taking to ensure that all registered voters can cast their vote,” and has emphasized that “the state enacted those restrictions with the purpose of denying or restricting the right to vote on the basis of race or color. “

Following Garland’s announcement, the state’s governor, Republican Brian Kemp, has criticized in a statement that the lawsuit “stems from the lies and misinformation that (Joe) Biden’s government has pushed against Georgia’s Electoral Integrity Act from the beginning “, collects Bloomberg.

In addition, he has accused the Administration of “using the United States Department of Justice as a weapon to carry out its far-left agenda that undermines the integrity of the elections and empowers the federal government to overreach in our democracy.”

Georgia was one of the most contested states in the last elections, in which Joe Biden, the first Democrat to do so since 1992, ended up winning. For his approval, the Party
Republican justified that he promoted this reform since it was a necessary measure to increase public confidence in the electoral process after the elections, in which unfounded suspicions of fraud were raised, while it has been widely criticized by Democrats.

The announcement by the Justice Department comes a few days after Republicans in the Senate blocked the electoral reform project that had already been approved by the House of Representatives and that contemplated reforms such as the creation of independent commissions to avoid interference from parties. or an increase in budgets to combat foreign interference during campaigns, among others.

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