US Demands Nayib Bukele Dismissal; “It is irreversible,” he responds defiantly.

El Salvador’s President Nayib Bukele in a file photo.

Photo: Yuri Cortez / AFP / Getty Images

The United States special envoy for the Northern Triangle of Central America, confirmed yesterday that he met with the President of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, to express its disagreement with the recent dismissal of several Magistrates of the Supreme Court and the Attorney General by the ruling Legislative Assembly.

Zúñiga said that on Tuesday afternoon he had a “cordial” meeting with the Salvadoran President, after a meeting with the board of directors of Congress, made up of the ruling party and its allies, in which he expressed his concern about the State of law and the separation of powers in the nation, after the removal of the judges of the Constitutional Chamber and the Procurator, almost two weeks ago.

“Our point of view is that the decision of May 1 was not attached to the law, nor to the Constitution (…) Neither in the case of the Magistrates or the Attorney General”said the official during an interview on a local television channel.

“We do not agree with the decision made by the Assembly (… on the dismissals), the best thing would be to restore the situation that existed on April 30”.

The special envoy of Joe biden He indicated that Washington will continue to speak with the Salvadoran government and with “partners and allies” in the international community to “seek a way to return to the constitutional framework.”

However, Bukele categorically reiterated yesterday that the dismissals are “irreversible”, rejecting the call to reinstate them in their posts.

“For the voices that still ask us to go back to the past. With much respect and affection: the changes we are making are irreversible “, assured the President on Twitter.

“We will not go back to the past, we will go to the future. We would like you to join us, but if you don’t want to, we understand you. Blessings”.

For his part, the ambassador of the European Union, Andreu Bassols He indicated in an interview on a local radio station that they think “the same” as Zúñiga and that they are “convinced that the best solution to the crisis that has opened is to return to the previous situation, to respect the balance of powers”.

In addition to “Respect the independence of the judiciary and the prosecutor”, because “it is the basis of progress for all countries,” he said.

El Salvador has entered a political crisis since the ruling party took over the reins of Parliament at the beginning of the month for a new term and, as a first action, voted to remove the magistrates with whom Bukele had clashes during the last year, which which has been criticized as a blow to the separation of powers system.

After the dismissal was known, the Constitutional Chamber issued a ruling declaring the vote against him unconstitutional, an action that various lawyers consider to annul the vote.

With information from Agencia Reforma and EFE

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