Washington, United States.

The Foreign Affairs Committee of the Lower House of the Congress of United States on Tuesday demanded the government of Donald trump information about a failed maritime raid on Venezuela supposedly to force the departure of the president Nicolás Maduro, for which two Americans were indicted for “terrorism”.

“Congress needs answers, and we need them now, “said the committee chair, Eliot Engel, in a thread on Twitter in which he compared what happened to “a bad episode” of the action series of the agent of the CIA Jack Ryan.

“But it is not for laugh. Anything that further delays a democratic transition it’s really heartbreaking for him Venezuelan people“, he claimed.

Mature, whose output promotes United States since January 2019 for considering his reelection fraudulent, accuses the government of Trump of being behind a “invasion” carried out between May 3 and 4 by “mercenaries” that they planned to take him out of power.

The frustrated operation has left 45 detainees, including retired militaryAmericans Luke Alexander Denman and Airan Berry, according Mature “security members” of Trump, and accused on Friday by the Venezuelan justice of “terrorism“and” conspiracy with foreign government “, specifically United States and Colombia.

Engel, from the opposition party Democrat, He said the committee he chairs asked the State Department on May 5 for “an immediate briefing” on what happened, but has still not received the requested explanations.

The Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, “say what United States nor had a ‘direct participation’ in the raid on Venezuela. He claims that the United States did not “lead,” “guide,” or “lead” the failed attempt, but has not provided further details, “Engel said.

He noted that Congress must know if there was rape of American laws and if the government of Trump knew the alleged plot.

He also demanded to know if the military equipment used was acquired from a US company, since this would require a Excuse me to be taken out of United States.

In addition, it demanded data “on each and every one of the private security contractors who held meetings in United States related to a possible foray in Venezuela “and about” if the Trump administration was aware of these interactions. “

According to Caracas, the ex-green beret of the US Army Jordan Goudreau, founder of the Miami-based security company Silvercorp USA, was hired for this foray by the Venezuelan opposition leader and parliamentary chief Juan Guaidó, To who United States and Colombia, among 60 countries, recognize as Acting President.

Guaidó denies his relationship with Silvercorp, and the Administration Trump He called the allegations “melodrama.”

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The Venezuelan prosecution called for the international capture of Goudreau, and of two Venezuelans residing in United States, Juan José Rendón and Sergio Vergara, who on Monday resigned from their positions as collaborators of Guaidó.

Engel said that “as soon as possible” the government of Trump, “best”.

“We must get to the bottom of what happened and return to the crucial issue of supporting the democratic aspirations of the Venezuelan people,” he said.

Engel assured in February 2019 that the Congress of United States it would not support a military intervention in Venezuela.