Uruguay’s national team will have to remove two stars from its shield as required by FIFA | National teams

All the controversy was unleashed with the request that FIFA made to the Puma brand, in charge of manufacturing the shirt of the Uruguay National Team, asking that it remove two of the four stars embroidered on its shield. Although the celestial conquered two Soccer World Cups, the other two stars correspond to the titles won in the Olympic Games. Why?

Uruguay was crowned champion in the 1930 World Cup, which took place in his country and then in Brazil, in 1950, when he starred in the historic Maracanazo. The other two stars that appear on his shield and that FIFA asks to remove, correspond to the 1924 and 1928 Olympic Games, soccer tournaments that were validated as world championships.

In a recent dialogue with Sport 890 of Uruguay, the director of competitions of the AUF, Jorge Casales, assured that “we are working to revoke the decision of FIFA or to recognize that the Olympic Games are considered as world championships.”

While they achieve this change, Uruguay will have to remove the two stars from their shirt and thus will have to play the South American Qualifiers. We will have to wait for what happens later and if in case of accessing the Qatar 2022 World Cup, he will be able to do it with the four with which he was seen until the Copa América.

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