Uruguay plays against Bolivia

06/24/2021 at 8:00 AM CEST

With Suárez and Cavani, and insinuating players like De la Cruz, De Arrascaeta, Fede Valverde or Betancour … Uruguay has gotten into trouble in this Copa América. He debuted with defeat in the Clásico de La Plata (1-0, with a goal from Betic) Guido Rodriguez) and started a desperate draw against Chile (1-1, with a goal between Suárez and Atuvo Vidal at own goal). One of six, with two disappointing performances. And now she has the obligation to win and convince against Bolivia, an absolutely affordable selection when she plays naked from the altitude of La Paz. The meeting is at 18:30 CEST, at the Arena Pantanal, in Cuiabá.

Celeste has two Group A games left, this Thursday, Bolivia and, on Monday, Paraguay. And one of the favorites of the tournament, by history and by the intimidation that the couple still exerts Suarez-Cavani, now he has taken the calculator and has set a minimum goal, inappropriate for his potential: to try to avoid fourth position, which would force him to already cross with Brazil in the quarterfinals.

Master Tabárez, who is considering a defense of three, has not found the key for too long. His figure is impeccable and unquestionable, but, with the football he poses, he is unable to get the most out of his players, mainly in the core.

The Uruguayan game in the first two classics of the tournament is very discouraging. “We have six points left to play and we have to keep improving. So far it has not been easy for us, but I have the feeling that we can try and continue leaving everything in each game”, assures Tabárez.For its part, La Verde tries to hold on to a victory that allows it to pass the phase. So far, two defeats in their first two games: 3-1 against Paraguay and 1-0 against Chile. And the image has not been the best. The positive news for the group he directs, Cesar Farias, is the recovery of three players with Covid-19: the forward Marcelo Moreno, the midfielder Henry Vaca and the central Luis Haquin.


BOLIVIA: Lampe; Barboza, Quinteros, Jusino, Roberto Fernández; saavedra, Ramiro Vaca, Justiniano, Arce; Jeyson Chura and Marcelo Moreno.

URUGUAY: Muslera; Giovanni González, Giménez, Godín, Martín Cáceres; Neighbor, Fede Valverde, De La Cruz, From Arrascaeta; Luis Suárez and Cavani.

Referee: Nestor Pitana (Argentina).

Stadium: Pantanal Arena (Cuiabá)

Schedule: At 23:00 CEST.

The fourth day of group A is completed by Chile-Paraguay that will be played this Thursday at the Mané Garricha National Stadium, in Brasiia, (at 02:00 CEST), while Argentina de Leo Messi will rest.

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