Ursula von der Leyen takes out her breast and boasts of vaccines

The president of the European Commission has expressed her breast in her annual State of the Union address.

Ursula von der Leyen has highlighted the achievements in vaccination. In the European Union, 70% of adults have already received the full regimen and 700 million doses have been exported to the rest of the world.

The vaccination campaign was slow to start, which earned it much criticism, but the delay was recovered. “We did what science said, we supplied Europe, we supplied the rest of the world and we did it the right way, because we did it the European way. And I think it worked,” explained Von der Leyen in the European Parliament.

Looking ahead, the president of the community executive has promised to strengthen the capacity of the European Union to fight against pandemics through a new body called HERA, as well as to prohibit the import of products made with forced labor, in a specific allusion to the cotton produced in China.

But its main objective is to make Europe a technological leader and favor the strategic autonomy of the continent, betting on microchips, the lack of which is causing serious production problems in sectors such as automobiles. “At the moment we depend on the latest generation chips made in Asia. So we have to focus all our efforts on improving this situation,” he said.

Regarding the Green Deal, the European Union has set itself the goal of achieving climate neutrality, but this will require political will and money. “We will ensure that this great climate ambition is accompanied by more social ambition, because this must be a just transition. And that is why we proposed a new social climate fund to tackle energy poverty, which is already suffered by 34 million Europeans”, has said.

This has been the full speech

Von der Leyen has also delivered his annual State of the Union address in the European Parliament, as tradition dictates. But also because their proposals will require the support of the Chamber, as well as the different governments of the EU.

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