Urkullu asks Sánchez to impose a curfew and the mandatory use of a mask in the Basque Country

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The fifth wave is causing a retreat towards the toughest measures to curb the pandemic. The Basque Lehendakari, Iñigo Urkullu, has requested by letter to the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, to reform the decree to force the use of the mask again outdoors before its validation this Wednesday in Congress.

In addition, Urkullu has asked the Executive to impose a curfew in his community and to provide measures with “legal certainty” to the communities to limit night mobility and restrict the number of people who can be grouped, as announced by the spokesman of the Basque Government, Bingen Zupiria, in an appearance after the weekly meeting of the Basque Government Council.

The Lehendakari himself has informed his advisers that this past Monday he sent Sánchez the letter in which he conveys his concern about the effects of the Royal Decree of June 24 on making the use of the mask more flexible, since in “many cases” it has meant that it has ceased to be used, “although that was not the purpose” of the text approved by the Executive.

The decree that relaxes the use of the mask will be ratified this Wednesday in an extraordinary plenary session in Congress

The decree will be ratified this Wednesday in an extraordinary plenary session in Congress and, therefore, the Basque Government has proposed to the Prime Minister to change the text before validation “so that it is possible to clearly reaffirm that the constant use of the mask It must be an obligation ”.

The Government of Euskadi is in favor of dispensing with the mask only in those “natural spaces in which there is no concurrence of people.”

“High levels of contagion”

The spokesman for the Executive has justified it as follows: “Given the levels of contagion that are occurring and the disparate situations that are occurring as a result of the ratifications or not of the corresponding courts, we formally ask, on behalf of a real and effective co-governance , the urgent adoption[ofthenecessarymeasurestoprovidetheautonomieswithaframeworkofsufficientlegalsecurity”[delasmedidasnecesariasparadotaralasautonomíasdeunmarcodeseguridadjurídicasuficiente”

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The Basque Government intends to make it easier for the autonomous communities to limit night mobility and the number of people that can be grouped “in different circumstances”.

Last Sunday, the Basque Country certified more than a thousand infections a day for the fourth consecutive day. And a positivity rate that has skyrocketed to 11.4%, the highest percentage of infected in relation to tests carried out for at least a year.

Since July 2020, the date from which there are records of positivity in the community, a positivity as high as last Saturday had not been reported.

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