Urge Morena to occupy the spaces in the leadership

Teodoro Santos

Pachuca / 05.12.2020 08:09:41

Since the 2018 election and the subsequent departure of the now delegate of federal programs in Hidalgo, Abraham Mendoza Zenteno, from Morena’s presidency in the entity, said space has remained headless, as has the general secretariat, reason for which there is no figure with legal powers to decide the direction of the institute.

The lack of a profile at the head of these positions and the delay in defining them is due to the situation of the covid-19 pandemic, as well as the urgency to conclude the process of renewal of the national leadership, in which defined Mario Delgado Carrillo as president of the National Executive Committee (CEN), so now that he has concluded with this issue, they should focus on covering these spaces in the state leadership, affirmed the secretary of Political Training, Carlos Mendoza Álvarez.

“What we have to do is that Mario Delgado has to listen to us, at the moment he has refused to have meetings with the State Committee, which is serious because we have to give him the version of what happened in this election and prepare for the next one. . There must be a mechanism for substituting missing portfolios; we do not have a head, above all we do not have someone with legal powers and that is very serious, because the one who has powers is the presidency and general secretary, « he said.

However, the The urgency of having these profiles does not mean that they should be designated by “fingering” or imposing on Hidalgo’s militancyThey only want to generate more conflicts within the party due to the situation that arose this year with some political groups that have no interest in the party, but of a personal nature, said Mendoza Álvarez.

“We have to carry out a process of replenishing these portfolios, not a renewal of the state leadership, but we do not want more conflicts with the comrades and comrades, so there has to be a process of consensus, of consulting the militant, that does not seem the CEN substitutes charges for fingerprints because it will be complicated if they impose a dividing profile, because far from paying for the construction process in 2021 it will help the debacle, « he said.

Evaluate results

The division that has been reflected in the icing on the cake should be addressed as a priority act, added the former Secretary of Organization, Luis Enrique Cadena Garcia, because more than an internal struggle in the party, an analysis should be made within the party, because despite all the atmosphere within Morena, he considered, a low vote was not obtained on October 18.

« We are as a second force at this time with the results obtained, that forces us to carry out a restructuring within the party and that does not waste the energies of the militancy, blaming themselves and others do not work at all, with Mario Delgado and Citlalli Hernández as general secretary is positive to be able to make a national action plan, both in the states where there will be an election, in order to regain the confidence of the citizens. Positive things are coming and Morena can guarantee the result ”, he declared.