URF is coming to ARAM in patch 11.3 plus many changes to the mode

Riot Games revolutionized Summoner’s Rift with the implementation of the URF (Ultra Rapid Fire), a different way to play League of Legends and, above all, very fun.

For those who have not tried it, in the mode URF all champions can cast their abilities very quickly thanks to the cooldown reduction reduced; Champions also don’t waste mana and can spam all sorts of abilities.

Reina Sweet, one of the URF designers and head of the mode work team, has confirmed on Twitter that there will be many changes due to the new objects and the new LoL statistics such as speed and abilities.

Changes confirmed for URF for patch 11.3

Instead of 80% cooldown reduction there will be +300 skill speed

That is, the equivalent of 75% cooldown reduction.

Ultimate Hunter and Lethal Rate will be removed
If you play with a champion of mana, the mana bonus will be converted to maximum health (40% ratio) and the mana regen will be converted to health regen.
Gold every 10 items is removed.

Some changes that will make URF conform to the new League of Legends so that there is no problem with items and skill speed, but this is not all that Riot Games has confirmed.

URF mode is coming to ARAM on 11.3

In fact, it has also been confirmed that URF will come to ARAM, another of the most popular modes in League of Legends, bringing together 2 ways to play that Summoners like.

The patch 11.3 League of Legends will be released on February 3 according to the official Riot Games calendar, so if you like URF and ARAM, sign this date in red to enjoy both modes.