Urbas loses steam in its annual trajectory

Urbas loses steam in its annual trajectory

Urbas maintains numerous projects: its long-term promotions in Cuba and Dubai, the feldspar mine in Galicia that it acquired last year and has now fully entered the world of sustainability, after the announcement of the purchase of Sainsol Energía. And although we do not know the amount of the purchase, we do know that it is done with 100% of the company. Remember that it is specialized in the photovoltaic, domestic and industrial self-consumption sector.

This led to its maximum of six months in the market, now a month ago and since then its transit through the stock market has been losing strength as the sessions went by. In its stock chart, we see how the value has already yielded no less than 8% in the last twenty sessions, which almost places the value at equilibrium levels so far this year and reduces its annual advances by up to 2.26%.

Urbas QuoteUrbas quote

Urbas quote

For the company, this purchase is important because it makes its way into the world of renewable energies, with a young company that points out “it has positioned itself, in just 18 months, as one of the leaders in the self-consumption sector, developing an indirect channel, specialized, capillary and efficient, in the execution of photovoltaic projects, both in the domestic and industrial fields “

Thus, the acquisition will allow it to promote both the projects that Sainsol is already undertaking as well as the own and third-party promotions developed by Urbas as promoter and construction company. And also guarantee the continuation of the development of the company and agree on new sales channels in the sector.

All this, you know, after closing several agreements last month with various financial institutions that have allowed it to reduce its debt above 81 million euros, as communicated to the CNMV. This debt reduction will serve to improve your financial debt ratios, which will allow you to continue undertaking the projects in your investment portfolio, successfully develop your business plan, as well as continue diversifying into business lines that generate synergies with your current main activities.

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“Based on a fundamental valuation, the Investment Strategies analyst María Mira tells us, the risk is remarkable. Forecasts for 2021 at the moment they do not have consistency and the debt is also very high at the moment (DFN / EBITDA of 57.98v at the end of 2020). The recommendation for Urbas is negative for their titles. We recommend staying on the sidelines until you have well-founded forecasts and less demanding debt multiples ”.

Fundamental urbasFundamental urbas

Fundamental urbas

The premium technical indicators of Investment Strategies highlight that Urbas achieves a score of 6 out of a total of 10 possible points. In consolidation mode, the stock shows a mixed trend, upward in the long term, but downward in the medium. The same happens with the total moment, which is positive slow and negative fast. Regarding the volume of business, we see how it shows decreasing in the medium term and increasing in the long term, while volatility is decreasing: it is decreasing for the value both in the medium and long term.

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