Urban music in the Dominican Republic « is no longer just a man’s thing. » Female voices have multiplied in recent years, giving way to a generation that imposes itself with proposals that attract new audiences.

Vanessa García is the interpreter who has just released her first song in collaboration with Liro Shaq, a cover letter that sees the light after signing a contract with Karibe Records and Suave Swagg Entertainment.

Under the title « Give it to me », the new singer injects a fresh and romantic tone to urban music to become one of the reference female projects in the competitive music industry. This proposal is part of the record production that he will be launching in the coming weeks, entitled ‘La Versatile’, which contains local and international collaborations, with figures such as El Súper Nuevo, El Blonner and Kiko el Crazy, among others.

In addition to her singing career, Vanessa makes her way into modeling and acting.

Also, she has been a dancer for several renowned artists such as El Mayor and Rochy RD, among others.